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Single vineyard THERESIENHÖHE / 1 STK

The grand cru Theresienhöhe is situated in Sausal in the foothills of the Koralpe mountains. The subsoil of the vineyard comprises quartz phyllites as well as sericite and chlorite slate and developed as far back as 350 to 500 million years ago. This slate stone fragments very easily along its line of cleavage. As a result, small fragments are all that can be seen on the surface now. The soil created in this way is warm, water-permeable with low limestone content and, as such, characterises the minerality of the wines growing there.

Location and exposure Root penetration depth
ridge, 5° south west shallow depth
Base material Soil type
palaeozoic phyllite calcareous rigosol
Types Soil analysis
Sauvignon Blanc, Morillon 36% sand, 53% silt, 11% clay

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